Ta-Da! Here is a decent photo of my Long-Fall boots for my Chell costume this Halloween!

So here’s how I made them:

The Boots - The boots are just a pair of white go-go boots that I painted and cut up. For the black details, I made so stencils with sticker paper and spray painted over them with black vinyl spray paint. The fronts of the boots were cut up with some strong fabric scissors.

The Straps - The straps are attached to the boots by four D-rings per boot. What I did was make a sort of vinyl/Goop sandwich to attach them. I used some extra pieces of vinyl from the cut-up front of the boot and put then on the back of the D-rings, which were covered in Goop. (so a sandwich with vinyl bread, and a delicious D-ring/Goop filling!)

The Braces - The metal braces were the most fun and difficult part. I used a piece of sheet metal about the size of a sheet of poster paper and cut down it with tin snips to obtain 8 cm strips. Then, I folded each side of the strip over about 3.5 cm with a hammer over a piece of wood so that the metal would have some strength and so that the sharp edges would not be an issue. I them bent it into shape with my hands and hammer and spray painted it black.

The braces were attached to the boots in two places: The top of the back of the calf and the heel. At the back of the calf, the brace was folded over the top of the boots about 1.5 cm so that two holes could be drilled to attach it. Then two tiny, tiny, TINY screws were placed to secure it. In the heel, three 2 inch screws were attached to the bottom of the heel through the metal. The screws did stick out of the bottom, so I poured a few layers of black plasti-dip so that I wouldn’t scratch myself or scratch any floors.

The black paint on the braces did wear off quite a lot by the end of the night, but I’m really happy with how durable they are and look forward to wearing them again!


Be proud of your place in the Cosmos. It is small, and yet, it is.

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Sailor moon collection II

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"You little shit"

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You have no idea how long I’ve waited for someone to STATE THE DAMN OBVIOUS

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Famous Movies Scenes depicted as Children’s Books [X]

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through the years…


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A Steve is a Steve no matter how small.

A Steve is a Steve no matter how tall.

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How band traditions start.

Football player: -does the fumble thing-
Marching band member who understands football: Well he soiled that.
Random Clarinetist behind him: SOILED IT. SOILED IT.
Band Director: -rolls eyes, continues with life-
game consoles + startup

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THe Hulk and Kitty by Mark Bagley

video game meme → [3/7] sceneries - burial at sea